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In der zweiten Schulwoche nahmen die vierten Klassen an der Intensivsprachewoche ‚English in Action‘ an unserer Schule teil. Nachfolgend finden Sie einige Eindrücke von Schülern.


 Ich persönlich habe diese Woche sehr genossen, weil unsere Lehrer alle lustig und nett waren. Außerdem denke ich, dass meine Englischkenntnisse durch diese Woche verbessert wurden, weil ich den Native-Speaker nicht einfach auf Deutsch fragen konnte, sondern ihm meine Frage auf Englisch erklären musste. Nach dieser tollen Woche war die Präsentation am Freitag ein wirklich gelungener Abschluss. (Judith 4BM)


English in Action was a good practice for everyone and we had lots of fun with Liam and Leigh. Every day, we only spoke English because Liam and Leigh are Native Speakers and they can´t speak German. It was great fun every day because we always played board-games and other funny things. For example: „ WORD-TENNIS or „ STOP THE BUS“. The last day we invited our parents to come to our big show, which we had practiced every day in the 6th lesson. In front of the other English in Action-groups we performed our projects. Yeah, it was a nice week with lots of fun. (Lisa 4BM)


It was very interesting and nice. The teachers, Courtney and David, were great and told us a lot about London and the UK. It was really cool. (Fabian 4A)
English in Action was great fun. We learned lots of new vocabulary and how we can use our English knowledge. The games and competitions were cool; we had some amazing days and lots of fun. (Anna-Sophie 4A)


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